Molokaʻi Fact Sheet

"The Enlightening Isle"

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Molokaʻi Highlights

  • Fifth-largest island in Hawaiʻi
  • Major Town: Kaunakakai
  • Population: 7,000
  • Total Rooms: 95
  • Top Venue Regions: Kaunakakai, Maunaloa

Molokaʻi Overview

Molokaʻi embodies Hawaiʻi’s past in a place where culture thrives, replete with historical accounts, island legends and breathtaking landmarks. Guests won't find skyscrapers or stoplights, but those seeking a true retreat atmosphere will find Molokaʻi to be the perfect setting for team-building and pre- and post-meeting activities.

Attendees on Molokaʻi will enjoy exploring the expanse of the island and embarking on a wide range of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences, such as a visit to well-preserved Hawaiian fishponds, touring a macadamia nut farm or volunteering with Mokio Preserve, Hawaiʻi’s largest coastal and dune restoration project. 

Group day trips to Molokaʻi, via a short flight or ferry ride, can lower blood pressure and change one’s view of the modern world in quiet escape from the bustle of urban life, making this island an ideal location for attendees to think, share ideas and get inspired.

Natural Beauty

  • Molokaʻi is home to the world's highest sea cliffs (3,600 to 3,900 ft.) along its northeast coast and the state’s longest continuous fringing reef (28 miles) off its southern coast
  • Lush country and beautiful beaches stretch for 38 miles, making Molokaʻi an island truly fit for ocean activities and outdoor adventure
  • Along the northern coast of Central Molokaʻi, groups can go to Kalaupapa Lookout over the 1,700-foot cliffs above Kalaupapa National Historical Park. 
  • In Western Molokaʻi, a quiet retreat features some of the state's least-visited, beaches including Pāpōhaku Beach, one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaiʻi, and Kapukahehu Beach, the perfect vantage point for breathtaking sunsets
  • On Molokaʻi’s east end, visitors can take a guided Hālawa Valley Falls Cultural Hike.  

Other Activities & Attractions

  • Beyond exploring Molokaʻi’s natural beauty, groups can unwind with a round of golf at the 9-hole, plantation-style course at Ironwood Hills Golf Club or visit historic places like St. Joseph's Church, built in 1876 by Saint Damien, and Kaluaʻaha Church, Molokaʻi’s first Christian church
  • In Molokaʻi’s main town of Kaunakakai, attendees can embark on a fishing or boating adventure from the harbor or explore the local shops and historic landmarks
  • The small plantation town of Maunaloa offers unique shops and galleries like the Big Wind Kite Factory, specializing in handmade kites

Molokaʻi Accommodations & Venues

Equipped to handle small and medium-sized meetings, Molokaʻi offers approximately 95 hotel rooms.

  • Located on Kamiloloa Beach in Central Molokaʻi, the oceanfront Hotel Molokaʻi, a Mālama Hawai‘i partner, provides a blend of local traditions and modern luxuries. 
  • Hiros Ohana Grill restaurant offers evening entertainment by local musicians. 
  • Additional bed and breakfasts, rental cottages and condominiums are also available in Molokaʻi’s charming towns of Kaunakakai and Maunaloa.