Why Choose Hawaiʻi Convention Center?

Choosing the perfect venue is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of any gathering. For those seeking a unique and vibrant location, the Hawaiʻi Convention Center stands out as an ideal choice. From its stunning location to the array of amenities and local attractions, Hawaiʻi offers a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Ideal Location

Situated in the picturesque mid-Pacific locale, the center serves as the perfect crossroads for East-meets-West congregations. Beyond its strategic location, the facility is intricately woven into the vibrant fabric of Honolulu, just 8 miles from the bustling Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and within arm's reach of iconic attractions like the Bishop Museum, ʻIolani Palace, and Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head). But it doesn't stop there—the Hawaiʻi Convention Center's adjacency to the lively Kalākaua Avenue and the renowned Waikīkī resort area adds a touch of convenience and allure to its appeal.

Places to Stay Near the Hawai‘i Convention Center

Event planners can rest easy knowing that Hawaiʻi boasts a range of world-class hotels to accommodate attendees. From luxury resorts to boutique establishments, there is a diverse selection to suit various preferences and budgets. With many options within a 1.5-mile radius of the Hawaiʻi Convention Center, attendees can seamlessly transition from their accommodations to the boardroom in minutes. Contact our seasoned sales team to explore the month-dependent committable room packages available for your citywide convention.

Event Space for all Group Sizes

The Hawaiʻi Convention Center itself is a marvel of modern architecture, offering versatile event spaces designed to cater to a variety of needs. Whether planning a large-scale conference or an intimate gathering, the center's flexibility allows for customization to meet specific requirements. From a multitude of meeting rooms to a grand exhibit hall, tiered-seating theaters, a grand ballroom, and a captivating rooftop events terrace, the possibilities for crafting memorable events are as vast as the Pacific horizon.

Local Immersion

What truly sets the Hawaiʻi Convention Center apart is the opportunity to immerse attendees in the rich local culture. With an open-air design that welcomes gentle sea breezes and an abundance of natural light, attendees find themselves immersed in an atmosphere adorned with local art, waterfalls, and fishponds. 

Beyond the sights, the center's 20,000-square-foot production kitchen ensures that all your senses enjoy the true Hawaiʻi experience. Dining at the convention center takes attendees on a journey into Hawaiʻi's culinary richness, with farm-fresh ingredients and dishes infused with island flavors and flair.

Activities for Attendees

Hawaiʻi offers a plethora of activities for attendees to enjoy during their downtime. From water sports and hiking to exploring local markets and historical sites, there is something for everyone. Event planners can organize excursions or team-building activities that take advantage of Hawaiʻi's natural beauty and vibrant community. These experiences not only contribute to the overall event satisfaction but also create lasting memories for participants.

Green Meetings in Paradise

For event planners with a focus on sustainability, the Hawaiʻi Convention Center aligns with eco-friendly practices. The center is committed to hosting “green meetings,” incorporating initiatives to reduce environmental impact. From waste reduction strategies to energy-efficient technologies, event planners can feel good about choosing a venue that prioritizes environmental responsibility.

High Praise

In the realm of consistent excellence, the HCC stands as a paragon. Meeting planners consistently rate their satisfaction between 95 and 100 percent, affirming that the Hawaiʻi Convention Center isn't just a venue; it's a commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences. 

By hosting their event at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center, event planners can ensure that their next event is not only successful but also leaves a lasting impression on attendees, fostering a desire to return to the islands again and again.

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