Outreach Programs

Once you've chosen Hawaiʻi as your event destination, the real work begins. Our Planner Outreach Programs help you make the most out of your Aloha State program to streamline your job and help your organization maximize accomplishments during its meeting or conference.


ʻElele Program

The State of Hawaiʻi's diverse expertise and resources can greatly enrich your business programs as a home to well established educational centers, as an important hub for international trade and business and as an important site for research across many different fields.

Meet Hawaiʻi will help you make productive connections within your industry through its extensive network of ʻElele (ambassadors), who will become invaluable resources for you while prospecting and planning your program.

Whether it’s showcasing state-of-the-art telescopes to astronomers atop Maunakea or bringing in experts on Hawaiʻi’s clean technology initiatives, by connecting you with the right ʻElele, we'll take your program in exciting and enlightening new directions.

Our connections with Hawaiʻi’s researchers, industry experts and educators provide:

  • Indispensable insights and insider knowledge on resources within Hawaiʻi that will help you better package and promote our destination to your organization or clients
  • Ways to attract new attendees and make your programs more robust, as your ʻElele leverage connections and affiliations with local, national and international organizations
  • Assistance with on-the-ground planning to effectively integrate industry-specific facilities and locations into your programs