Why Hawai‘i?

We’re glad you asked! Beyond its azure waters and swaying palms lies a world of endless possibilities for all your MCI endeavors, where every moment unfolds into an extraordinary experience.

Global Accessibility

Situated at the crossroads of North America and Asia, Hawaiʻi's geographical advantage isn't just about location; it's about accessibility. A melting pot of cultures, its multilingual populace effortlessly welcomes attendees from around the globe, making every visitor feel at home amidst the Pacific's embrace.

Cutting-edge Convention Center

At the heart of these islands lies the Hawaiʻi Convention Center, a testament to modernity seamlessly blending with culture. Nestled in Honolulu, it's not just a venue; it's an embodiment of the islands' spirit, a state-of-the-art facility designed to host remarkable events while reflecting Hawaiʻi's cultural richness.

Productive Atmosphere

Both survey data and client testimonials confirm that attendees leave Hawaiʻi feeling refreshed, invigorated and completely at ease. It’s a setting that fosters the flow of ideas, inspires ingenuity and innovation, and nurtures stronger working relationships and better teamwork.

Expert Assistance

Guiding every step of this journey are our Meet Hawaiʻi team experts—the ambassadors of the Aloha State. Their intimate knowledge and connections pave the way for unparalleled experiences, ensuring that every event surpasses expectations and sets new standards of success.

Unrivaled Accommodations

Hawaiʻi's hospitality is legendary, mirrored in its world-class hotels and resorts scattered across six major islands. Over 43,000 rooms await, each a testament to hoʻokipa, the art of hospitality. From luxurious abodes to cozy retreats, there's a perfect haven catering to every preference and budget.

Enrichment Opportunities

Hawaiʻi's thriving business communities offer a treasure trove of opportunities for learning and growth. From ocean sciences to renewable energy, attendees can immerse themselves in industries shaping the future.

Experiential Offerings

What sets Hawaiʻi apart isn't just its landscapes; it's the opportunities it presents. Here attendees can delight in riding like a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) or learning to dance hula, truly immersing themselves in the islands' rich heritage. It's a place where team-building transcends traditional norms, where participants become surfing legends or volcano explorers for a day, forging unforgettable memories.

Natural Wonders

Nature is a master artist in Hawaiʻi. It doesn't just showcase beauty; it unveils wonders. Lush landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas serve as backdrops, beckoning attendees to connect with Mother Nature in ways that inspire, rejuvenate, and create lasting impressions.

Off-the-Clock Activities

Beyond the scheduled programs lies a trove of off-the-clock activities waiting to be explored. History whispers through ancient sites, culture thrives in every corner, and the allure of shopping, dining, and recreation captures hearts effortlessly. From leisurely pursuits to adrenaline-pumping adventures, Hawaiʻi caters to every interest.

Sun-soaked Bliss

Amidst all these wonders, Hawaiʻi offers a climate that's nearly perfect year-round. With an average temperature of 77 °F (25 °C), attendees can relish the stunning beaches, basking in the sun and surf whenever time permits, adding an extra layer of delight to any event.

Hawaiʻi isn't just a destination; it's an immersive experience ready to transform your next event into a storyline of unforgettable moments, infusing the spirit of aloha into every aspect of meeting in Hawaiʻi.