The Hawaiian Islands

Like the sweet Maui onion, Hawaiʻi is layered with appeal, and the more one learns, the more clear it becomes that Hawaiʻi makes an ideal choice for MICE programs. First and foremost is Hawaiʻi’s pure beauty, but more is revealed as layer upon layer continues to impress: hospitality know-how, modern infrastructure, guest activities on land, at sea and in air, historic and geographical wonders, world-class attractions and entertainment and through it all, a warm and welcoming culture that makes everyone feel welcome.

Fascinating Culture & History

Magnificent natural beauty sets the stage, but the real story of the islands lie in Hawaiʻi’s history and culture, from the first Polynesian explorers to set foot on mid-Pacific lands, through its era of royal reign, to today’s multiethnic make-up. Hawaiʻi’s rich cultural heritage captivates the imagination and inspires exceptional special events and team building activities.

Ease of Access

From anywhere in the world, to anywhere in Hawaiʻi — access to Hawaiʻi is never a problem, especially when arriving from North America or Asia. Both provide abundance in airlift to the Aloha State, with nonstop service year-round from more than 40 gateway cities. Once here, getting around — on one island or over to another — is equally simple and stress-free.

Oh, The Shopping!

The best souvenir that an attendee takes home from Hawaiʻi is an experience forever etched in memory, but shopping in Hawaiʻi makes for some amazing treasure hunts. With high-end fashion, one-of-a-kind wares and classic Hawaiʻi keepsakes to delight young and old, your attendees may even need some extra luggage for the trip home.

Unforgettable Dining

Tropical tastes and time-honored traditions mingle in Hawaiʻi’s restaurant scene, bringing global flavors to innovative culinary technique. The islands' distinctive culinary mix — combining farm-to-table cuisine, trend-setting celebrity chefs and humble, beloved local eateries run by families across generations — make dining in Hawaiʻi a true treat.

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Culture & History
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