Beyond their stunning scenery, uplifting surroundings and legendary Aloha Spirit, the Hawaiian Islands and their advantageous location offer an array of opportunities and possibilities meeting planners and attendees will appreciate. Here are five top-of-mind reasons why Hawaiʻi’s geographic location will work in your favor in planning your next MCI event:

  1. A Strategic Mid-Pacific Location For Business. Hawaiʻi’s unique location offers convenient travel times for organizations with international counterparts – especially in the Asia-Pacific region – encouraging strong attendance and high morale from delegates. With year-round, nonstop air service to Hawaiʻi available from major gateway cities and seasonal service from many more, traveling to the Islands from across the globe is now more efficient than ever. Upon arrival, delegates can also capitalize on Hawaiʻi’s mid-Pacific time zone to conduct business with both New York and Singapore within the same business day.

  2. A U.S. Destination with International Appeal. Hawaiʻi’s renowned cultural diversity, variety of tropical landscapes and world-spanning multiethnic cuisine combine the appeal of an exotic international destination with the familiar comforts and conveniences of doing business in the United States. Attendees traveling to the state of Hawaiʻi from the U.S. mainland will appreciate their time in a dynamic business and leisure destination that shares their language, currency, and attention to visitor and resident safety. An added bonus for U.S. delegates? They won’t need a passport to get here.

  3. Year-Round Tropical Weather. Hawaiʻi’s perennial warm weather and abundant sunny days mean there’s never really an unpleasant time of the year to book the Islands. Whether your delegates are set to escape the icy cold of winter or blistering heat of summer, Hawaiʻi’s mild climate and 77 F average temperature deliver ideal conditions year-round and an extraordinary natural environment that rejuvenates and inspires.

  4. A Diversity of Indoor and Outdoor Venues. The Hawaiian Islands’ myriad natural landscapes not only offer a compelling lure for attendees, but also a variety of superb non-traditional meeting venues for planners to choose from. Whether mingling over cocktails and city views at a sunset reception on the Hawaiʻi Convention Center’s 2.5-acre rooftop garden, taking in panoramic vistas of the coastline in the middle of a meeting at sea, or enjoying an organic farm-to-table luncheon in a verdant amphitheater-shaped valley, Hawaiʻi’s extensive range of inspiring meeting venues will not disappoint.

  5. A Melting Pot of the Pacific. The Hawaiian Islands’ mid-Pacific location actually makes the state surprisingly business strategic, comfortably bridging the cultures of the Pacific east and west. The Islands offer a neutral meeting point for attendees arriving from around the world and a diverse multicultural population outside of the meeting venue. Hawaiʻi cultural diversity and incomparable Aloha Spirit will have delegates feeling immediately welcome, fostering a convivial environment for cultivating new ideas, strengthening relationships and building new ones.

Planners with experience booking meetings, conventions, or incentive programs in Hawaiʻi not only appreciate the many advantageous qualities of the Aloha State’s location, but also value the unique opportunity to provide their attendees with memorable, impactful programs.

“A bucket list experience, that’s what our incentive program in Hawaiʻi was for many of our younger qualifiers, especially from the east coast who had never visited,” says Lynette Owens, owner and president of Lynette Owens & Associates LLC. “They see Hawaiʻi as an exotic destination with a huge ‘wow’ factor and that’s important for programs like ours.”