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Event Spaces In Hawaiʻi

There is no such thing as “too much of a good thing” in Hawaiʻi. Guests who come to Hawaiʻi for business programs or conferences know just how lucky they are, and they’re ready to prove it with hard work. Hawaiʻi’s outstanding venues for meetings and conventions give them the perfect place to get things done still steeped in Hawaiian comforts and culture.

Whether it’s the crown jewel Hawaiʻi Convention Center with its 1.1 million square feet of working space in the heart of the capital city, on-site conference centers at Hawaiʻi’s world-class resort hotels or unique off-site venues that inspire ingenuity and innovation, Hawaiʻi’s meeting facilities deliver exceptional service, showcase top-tier technology and immerse attendees in the authentic Hawaiʻi experience.

We invite you to browse or search the venue listings below or contact us to discover the wide range of meetings venues available for your events.