John Robitaille

Professional Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Biographical Information

John was a 2010 candidate for governor of Rhode Island, motivational speaker and communications professional with over thirty-years corporate experience. He was also senior communications advisor to Governor Don Carcieri, a labor relations executive, radio talk show host, media relations consultant, trainer, coach and mentor to entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur himself, John launched and managed a successful communications firm where he not only created presentations for senior corporate executives, he coached and mentored them on personal delivery techniques and how to improve communications with customers, employees and colleagues.

As a candidate for governor, he honed not only his debating skills but also his personal ability to handle tough media interviews. Since then, he has been asked to coach numerous political candidates for federal, state and local positions and prepare them for media interviews and debates.

Most recently, John was Executive in Residence at the Johnson & Wales University Entrepreneurship Center where he coached and mentored young entrepreneurs and prepared them to make their “pitches” to investors, early adopters, customers, partners and employees.