John Morgan

President and Chief Executive Officer, Kualoa Ranch

Biographical Information

Cigarette aside, John Morgan is the definitive Hawaii Marlboro Man. He knows his spread like the back of his hand. A sixth-generation descendant of Dr. Gerrit P. Judd a missionary dentist who befriended King Kamehameha III, Morgan today oversees the land that Judd purchased from the king in 1850.

Growing up in a beachfront home at what is now Kualoa Regional Park, he reveled in this Windward Oahu wonderland. An avid horseman, Morgan roams the verdant valleys of 4,000-acre Kualoa Ranch on his handsome quarter horse, Flash. Yet in his free time, he prefers hoofing it on his own, hiking throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

His early accomplishments included Haleakala on Maui when Morgan was eight, as well as Oahu’s famous “Stairway to Heaven” thriller numerous times as a teen. Today, that 3,992-step challenge is officially closed due to safety issues.

Speech Titles / Topics

  • The History of Hawaii-born Multimillion Dollar Ranch
  • The Cattle Business in Hawaii – Kualoa Ranch Style
  • Creating New Businesses in Hawaii on the Ranch – Grass-fed Beef and Oysters
  • Partnering with the Movie Business in Hawaii
  • Kualoa Ranch – Adapting to Change
  • Kualoa – The World’s Most Famous Nature Reserve