Elisabet Sahtouris

Professor in Residence, Chaminade University

Biographical Information

Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris is a dynamic speaker with gorgeous slide shows. She is an internationally known evolution biologist and futurist, author and sustainability consultant to businesses, government agencies and other organizations. She is a US and Greek citizen who has lived in the USA, Canada, Greece, Peru and Spain.  She did her postdoctoral research at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, taught at MIT and UMass, was a science writer for the NOVA-HORIZON TV science series, a UN Consultant on indigenous peoples, was invited to China by the Chinese National Science Organization, is an advisor to Ethical Markets and holds the Elisabet Sahtouris Chair in Living Economies at the World Business Academy.
Dr. Sahtouris a member of the Evolutionary Leaders , a founding member of Rising Women; Rising World, and has co-convened two international symposia on the foundations of science in Hokkaido and Kuala Lumpur. She is currently Professor in Residence at Chaminade University, School of Business & Communication. She has appeared in numerous films and is author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution, A Walk Through Time: from Stardust to Us, Biology Revisioned (with Willis Harman) and new ebook Gaia’s Dance.

Speech Topics / Titles

  • Leadership Lessons from Living Economies
  • Navigating Our Perfect Storm of Crises
  • From Hostilities to Harmonies with Nature as our Guide
  • How Business can Lead us to a Better Future

Past Organizations Addressed

  • United Nations, New York
  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
  • Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC
  • The World Bank, Washington, DC
  • The Santa Fe Institute
  • Siemens International Management Seminar, Stanford University
  • Boeing Management, St. Louis
  •  State of the World Forums in San Francisco and New York.
  • Tokyo Dome Stadium
  • Sao Paulo's Getulio Vargas Business University 
  • UNIMED Foundation in Brasilia
  • National Tax Office of Australia, Canberra
  • New Zealand Gov’t Dept of Environment
  • Australian Public Relations Institute
  • TamChang University in Taiwan
  • UNESCO  Future of Planet Earth seminar, Paris
  • IONS Conferences, Califonia
  • CISEI  Consejo Interamericano Espiritualidad Indigena, Venezuela
  • World Futures Society and Foundation for the Future
  • Bahrain Banking Conference
  • World Parliament of Religions, S. Africa
  • First Rand Banks, S. Africa
  • Netherlands Government, all Depts
  • TEDx Hamburg, Germany
  • TEDx Marrakech, Morocco
  • Sri Lanka Ethical Clothing Design Conference
  • London Alternatives (and other venues in London)
  • Sages & Scientists conference, San Diego
  • Science & NonDuality, San Francisco and Amsterdam
  • Voyage of Aloha Conference, Honolulu, by World. Business Acad & J. Campbell Fdn
  • Xynteo Foundation’s annual retreats for corporate execs and boards; Istanbul & Oslo
  • New Story Summit,  Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
  • Springtij Foundation academic & business sustainability leadership conference, Netherlands
  • Forum for the evolution of Consciousness, Sorbonne, Paris
  • Olivier Mythodrama Associates business leadership, London
  • University of Washington Business Conference on Social Responsibility,Seattle
  • Hawaii Speakers Association