Carleen Mackay

Author, Talent Management Coach

Biographical Information

As an Emergent Workforce / Alternative Career Planning expert, Carleen’s writing and speaking is focused on helping people improve their competitive value in this fast changing, technologically advancing global economy. 

Carleen is a nationally recognized Author, Keynote Speaker and Presenter on the emergent, 21st century workforce and workplace. She also develops curriculum and programs for clients in for-profit, not-for-profit and social enterprise organizations. She designs, writes, co-develops and promotes a series of Playbooks, workbooks and instructional materials detailing alternative career strategies for multiple generations in 21st century America. 

Her expertise and subject matter interest has evolved over her career coaching experience - from the mature workforce to the emergent, multi-generational workforce and to the many alternative career planning strategies that improve America's competitive value in the world economy.

Speech Titles / Topics

  • Working in Wonderland
  • Encore Careers: Finding Your Second Act
  • Cohorts in Time
  • Leveraging Maturity’s Advantages
  • Eight Steps…A 21st century strategy for planning and running your career
  • New Plays for a New Time

Past Organizations Adddressed

Chaminade University, AARP, Levitt Homes, Los Angeles Department of Labor, American Society of Aging, Arizona Industrial Compensation Association, CUPA, Partners International, San Diego Aging Summit, Kaplan, SHRM, ICDC, Workforce Investment Board, Torchiana, Mastrov & Sapiro, and many others.