Annabel Chotzen

Professional Speaker & Corporate Trainer

Annabel ChotzenBiographical Information
Annabel Chotzen is an award-winning professional speaker and communications expert who has given keynote speeches, business training seminars and motivational presentations to thousands of people from all over the world.

For more than fifteen years, Annabel has taught practical solutions to real-life issues. Your group will learn how to:

* Increase business with powerful communication tools
* Boost employee productivity, commitment and fulfillment
* Understand and get along with all personality types
* Resolve conflict with difficult people
* Transform adversity into winning results
* Create solutions to the most challenging problems

 Having worked for corporations, government and entrepreneurs, Annabel understands the challenges of a broad range of organizations and people. Since every audience is unique and has different needs, each presentation is customized specifically for your group.

Annabel's unforgettable events are the perfect blend of depth and substance, humor and inspiration. Her ideas are easy to understand, easy to implement and loaded with long-term value. Hawaii, Annabel’s home, is a place of extraordinary beauty and gentleness. Annabel gives you the true spirit of Aloha.


Speech Titles / Topics
1. Handling Change in Challenging Times
2. Communication Strategies to Strengthen Your Organization
3. Making Ice Cream Out of Adversity
4. Put Your Dreams to Work
5. The Hawaii Kukui Nut Celebration
6. Providing Outstanding Customer Service
7. Managing Conflicting Personalities in the Workplace
8. Developing Superb Presentation Skills
9. Eliminating Stress
10. Coaching Employees for Optimal Results
11. Utilizing Successful Negotiation Strategies
12. Communicating Across Generational Barriers
13. How to Win No Matter What Happens
14. Marketing and Selling with the Aloha Spirit

Past Organizations Addressed
A sample of Annabel’s clients include:• AT&T • Allstate Insurance Company• American Business Women’s Association • Atlas Insurance Company • Bank of Hawaii • Community Bankers Association of Georgia • Credit Union National Association • Executive Women International • Farwest Equipment Dealers Association• Hawaii Army National Guard • Hawaii Credit Union League • Hawaii Healthcare Financial Management Association • Independent Community Bankers of America • Kerastase Philippines • OMS National Insurance Company • Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics • Pearl Harbor Diversity Council • Physicians Assistants Association • Society of Human Resource Management • Society of Critical Care Medicine • Society of Medical Technology • State of Hawaii Department of Health • Schwarzkoph Australia • Tupperware Canada • U.S. Department of Agriculture • United States Probation Office • United States Post Office