Robert Yonover
  • Robert Yonover
  • CEO/Founder, SEE/RESCUE Corporation
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Biographical Information
Dr. Robert N. Yonover received his Ph.D. in Geochemistry/Volcanology from the University of Hawaii with a Research Fellowship at NASA –Johnson Space Center and laboratory work at MIT. He invented the RescueStreamer® survival technology, LIFE/FLOAT™ Rescue Board, Pocket Floatation Device, Pocket DeSalinator, and the Video Search and Rescue (vSAR) technology.

The RescueStreamer® technology is now in use by all branches of the U.S. military, including all U.S. Navy Submarines' and self-deploying Day/Night versions for U.S. Air Force fighter jets. RescueStreamers® are credited with 4 lives saved to date.

Speech Titles / Topics
Hardcore Inventing
Survival Technology Born in Hawaii
Anatomy of a Waterman: Active Volcanoes/Deep Sea Submarine Dives/Big Wave Surfing/Rough Water Fishing

Past Organizations Addressed
SAFE Europe (Paris), Tarawera Congress (New Zealand), Israeli Air Force (Tel Aviv), MPE (Portland, OR), Rethink Hawaii/Geeks on a Plane (Honolulu), Rotary Clubs (Hawaii), Dual-Use Technology Organization (Honolulu), Tech Hui (Honolulu), Tech Enterprise (Pearl City), Schools across the Country (Florida, California, Colorado, Hawaii, etc.). Pacific Aviation Museum, USS Missouri Lou Zamperini “UNBROKEN” event, Marine Technology Society, Embrey Riddle Aeronautical University, Barnes & Noble (Book Signing), Hawaii Public Radio, Hawaii Venture Capital Association, Tech Net Asia Pacific, Ft. Bragg (North Carolina), Got Invention Radio, Camp Biz Smart (Iolani), EXTRA TV, Kaneohe Marine Corp Base, Terra Research Institute, PBS New Explorers, Discovery Channel, CNN.