• Lopaka Kapanui
  • Storyteller, Honolulu Ghost Tours
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Biographical Information
Native Hawaiian Lopaka Kapanui has been hailed by the Honolulu newspapers as one of Hawai'i's foremost storytellers, eagerly sharing tales of between-world spirits and Hawaiian mythology to anyone who'll listen. For more than a decade, he has led after-dark ghost tours around the island of Oahu. His book, Haunted Hawaiian Nights is a collection of stories about the spirits. But his intent is not to scare you. Instead, with his theatrical, mesmerizing style, he gives fascinating glimpses into Hawaiian spirituality. "Nowhere in the world is it more spiritual than here in our archipelago," Lopaka says. "I want people to walk away with a sense of hope. I always tell people at the end of my tours that they have to love one another and live life with no regrets. We can let those here, the unseen, know that they can move on. I want this to be a healing experience."

Speech Titles / Topics
1. Hawaiian Spirits and Spirituality
2. Local Japanese, Filipino and Chinese Spirits and Superstitions
3. Keynote especially after lunch or dinner

Past Organizations Addressed
HTA Hawaii Tourism Conference 2007, Classic Vacations, Japanese Culture Center, Toka University, Expedia.