Fred Hemmings
  • Fred Hemmings
  • State Senate Minority Leader. Honorary Lifetime Director, Association of Surfing Professionals. Board of Directors, Denver Broncos.
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Biographical Information
While most recently known for his position as Senator and Republican Leader in Hawaii, Hemmings is one of the state’s most knowledgeable historians, a modern day ambassador of Hawaii, and highly decorated athlete and waterman.

Among his accomplishments: Published author; Hawaii’s first men’s world surfing champion (1968); founder of the world professional surfing tour; founder of the Triple Crown of Surfing; champion outrigger canoe steersman (more than 60 titles); introduced the sport of surfing to the world in the early ‘70s as expert commentator for ABC Wide World of Sports and CBS Sports Spectacular; and is in the Punahou School Athletics Hall of Fame for football.

His time spent as personal assistant to Olympic swimming champion and “Father of Surfing”, Duke Kahanamoku, combined with his own experiences and achievements, uniquely position Hemmings as a luminary in the world of watermen. As a State Senator, he is most proud of his work with Gov. Lingle and President Bush to establish he Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, the largest marine conservation area in the United States.

Extemporaneous speaking is Fred Hemmings forte. He weaves in humor, drama and a broad array of human interests into his presentations. He does so with a depth of knowledge on the subjects of surfing, Hawaiian history, and social, economic affairs that weaves the fabric of Hawaii. Fred Hemmings is one of the world’s leading authorities on surfing. He has lived through the formative years and helped make surfing history.


Speech Titles / Topics
Hawaiian history and culture
Contemporary Hawaii
Surfing history and culture
The Hawaiian Waterman
Surfing and coastal science
Duke Kahanamoku – a Hawaiian waterman
Brief History of Surfing
Paddling through Hawaiian History
Science, Techniques and Personalities of Surfing

Past Organizations Addressed
Many, including: Sporting associations, International visitor gatherings, Historic presentations, International surf industry gatherings. USA, Australia, South America. International Harbor Pilots Association convention Surfer’s Paradise Council, Australia Ocean Beach, Maryland surfers Biarritz France Surf Festival