Gail Hand

Biographical Information
Gail has spoken to over 1000 companies, universities and associations since 1993. She started out as a stand-up comedian, and then became a motivational humorist, author and trainer. Gail uses her comedic skills and timing with her programs leaving people both entertained and learning.

Gail Hand has logged 20 successful years in Corporate Sales & Management with Corporations such as American Express, Southwestern Bell, and Macy's, where she garnered multiple awards including 10 leadership and President’s Club awards. Hand  is a past president and member of The National Speakers Association.  Hand has been featured in numerous media from coast to coast including: ABC, CBS, NBC Honolulu, The Oregonian, and AM Northwest on laughter in the workplace, laughter yoga and team building.

Gail is the author of "The Power of Laughter- Seven Secrets to Living and Laughing in a Stressful World"

Along with her own YOUTUBE Channel, Gail is an avid golfer, photographer & blogger. She lives with her two Chihuahuas who edit her blogs and tweet about their exciting life on the road with Gail.


Speech Titles / Topics
The Power of Laughter
Seven Secrets to Living, and Laughing in a Changing World

The Power of Laughter on the Job
How to put Laughter to Work in the Workplace

The Power of Laughter in Customer Service
Using Laughter to Deal with Difficult Customers

The Power of Laughter in Sales
21 Secrets Guaranteed to make you Irresistible to Your Prospects

The Healing Power of Laughter
7 Secrets to Living & Laughing in Health Care

21 Reasons to Celebrate our Generational Diversity
Creative ways to Honor and Celebrate our True Colors

Past Organizations Addressed
American Express, Xerox, Blue Shield of Oregon, Standard Insurance, Providence Health, GNHAMA,  Oregon Association of Insurance Executives, Comcast,  Pedorthic Footcare Association, Kaiser Permanente, M Financial Group, Women in Financial Services International Conference, Blackwell Sanders LLC, Pella Vinyl, City County Insurance Assoc., Michigan Education Association, Zuni School District, City of Portland- OR,  Oregon Business Magazine,  NCAA, 600 Universities (from 1000 students to 35,000)  Featured schools: NYU, Michigan State, Portland State, Clemson, Oregon State