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Biographical Information
Thomas J. Mitrano is a business professional, trainer, facilitator, mediator, and attorney. He has managerial, operational, and planning expertise in the high-tech, architecture, and visitor industries, as well as in banking and in the non-profit sector. He is a talented writer, speaker, and legislative lobbyist. An experienced facilitator in the community, government, private, and non-profit sectors, Mr. Mitrano has facilitated hundreds of training sessions, partnering workshops, single- and multi-party conflict-resolution sessions, planning meetings, and brainstorming sessions designed to enhance an organization's or individual's existing assets and to identify and take advantage of shared resources. He has provided facilitation services to two gubernatorial administrations, several legislators, government agencies, many local communities, public and private sector unions, dozens of for-profit and not-for-profit companies, educational institutions, and churches, often in settings of controversy. A resident of Hawaii since 1982, Mr. Mitrano is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School. Mr. Mitrano speaks Mandarin Chinese, has studied in Taiwan, and has traveled in The Peoples' Republic of China. Recently, he was a delegate to an international symposium on economic development for the Tibet Autonomous Region


Speech Titles / Topics
1. Web 2.0 and public planning
2. When "Pull" Comes to "Push": Permission Planning
3. Wikis: Transparent, Accessible, Open Consensus Building
4. Small Businesses and "Everywhere Computing": A user's perspective

Past Organizations Addressed
"• National Association of City Planners• Junior Achievement Annual Meeting• Columbia, South Carolina, Community Planning Association• Educational institution faculty• Boards, associations, "