Namji Steinemann
  • Namji Steinemann
  • Director, AsiaPacificEd Program for Schools, East-West Center
  • Biography

Biographical Information
Directs the EWC's AsiaPacificEd Program for Schools, a national program that helps K-12 schools meet curriculum and instructional need concerning the Asia Pacific region. Former vice president of the Asia Society's Education Program and architect of the Society's Asia in the Schools program, launched in 1999 with $10 million in grant support, she also served as executive director of the initiative's National Commission on Asia in the Schools. In 1993 she conceptualized and launched the award-winning AskAsia website. Earlier, she was a Peace Corps teacher in Thailand. She serves on the editorial advisory board of Education About Asia, a journal of the Association for Asian Studies and on the executive committee of the Hawaii Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. She holds a graduate certificate in education (Studies of Asia) from Flinders University in Australia and a degree in Art History from East Carolina University. Publications: Asia in the Schools: Preparing Young Americans for Today's Interconnected World, and articles, curriculum materials, and reviews on Asia-related topics for K-12. Executive producer of instructional videos, including Tune in Korea: Geography and Culture and Tune in Japan: Global Connections.


Speech Titles / Topics

  1. Internationalizing the K-12 curriculum
  2. Strategies for improving studies of Asia
  3. K-12 education on Asia and the Pacific region
  4. "Best Practice" teaching and learning
  5. Infusing global perspectives in teaching/learning
  6. Teaching with multiple perspectives
  7. Teaching about Pearl Harbor
  8. History of cross-cultural encounters and exchange
  9. Teaching about Korea
  10. Policy and curriculum issues for improved Asia Pacific-related education
  11. Korean culture and society
  12. Thai culture and society
  13. Asian American history and related issues.


Past Organizations Addressed
Center for International Understanding, Scarsdale Public Schools, Olympic High School, The British American School of Charlotte, UH Center for Korean Studies, National Endowment for the Humanities, Committee on Teaching About Asia, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Asian Bilingual Education Technical Assistance Center of the New York City Board of Education, Korea Foundation, Korean Educational Development Institute, Association for Asian Studies, National Council for the Social Studies, and American Historical Association.