• Kang Wu
  • Senior Fellow, Research Program, East-West Center
  • Biography

Biographical Information
Conducts research on energy policies, security, demand, supply, trade, and market developments, as well as energy-economic links, oil and gas issues, and the impact of fossil energy use on the environment with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Energy expert on China and head of the China Energy projects, He is also familiar with economic and energy sector issues in other major Asia-Pacific countries. Research work also includes energy modeling and Asia Pacific energy demand forecasting. Author and co-author of numerous journal articles, project reports, professional studies, conference papers, books, and other publications. Speaks frequently at international conferences, forums, workshops, and training programs. Research works have been widely cited by press and industrial media, including Time, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Asian Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Far Eastern Economic Review, Journal of Commerce, The Strait Times, Oil and Gas Journal, Reuters, Voice of America, BBC, CNBC, Radio Australia, Radio Free Asia, Dow Jones Energy Services, Bloomberg News, Petroleum Argus, and others. PhD, economics, University of Hawaii.


Speech Titles / Topics

  1. Energy Security in China's Capitalist Transition - Import Dependence, Oil Diplomacy, and Security Imperatives
  2. Asia's Energy Future: Regional Dynamics and Global Implications
  3. Natural Gas Markets in APP Countries with a Special Focus on India and China: Regulatory Issues, Cross-Border Trade, and Evolving LNG Contract Structures
  4. Supplying Asia-Pacific Oil Demand: Role of the Gulf
  5. China's Energy Interest and Quest for Energy Security
  6. China's Energy in Transition: Regional and Global Implications
  7. Chinese Companies Pursue Overseas Oil and Gas Assets
  8. Asia-Pacific Oil Dependence, Imports to Grow
  9. Asian Oil Market Outlook: Role of the Key Players
  10. Background Paper for the APEC Workshop on LNG Best Practices: An Overview of the APEC LNG Markets and Their Evolving Contract Structure
  11. China's Ethylene Sector Continues to Expand, Attract Foreign Investment
  12. China's Petroleum Product Balance Outlook
  13. Energy and the Economy in China: Latest Developments and the Impact of SARS
  14. Energy in Latin America: Production, Consumption, and Future Growth
  15. Key Players in the Asia Pacific Oil Market
  16. Managing Asia Pacific's Energy Dependence on the Middle East: Is There a Role for Central Asia?
  17. Natural Gas Development in Northeast Asia: Regional Development and Future Cooperation
  18. Natural Gas: The Fuel of the Future in Asia
  19. The Chinese Petrochemical Industry: A Preliminary Survey
  20. The State of Natural Gas Data in APEC Economies


Past Organizations Addressed
Dr. Wu spoke at the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission Hearing on China's Energy Needs and Strategies, in Oct. 2003. A copy of his remarks are available on the Commission website.