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Biographical Information
Considered one of the visionaries of computer games, Henk Rogers helped change the face of the industry as the entrepreneur responsible for bringing Tetris to the United States and world market. Under Henk’s direct leadership, Tetris has become one of the world’s top-selling games with over 125 million copies sold, and, after 25 years since its “birth,” that number is still growing.

Henk developed and published the first Role Playing Game in Japan—The Black Onyx—which, in 1984, ranked as the #1 game in Japan. In 1988, having published numerous computer games from around the world in the Japanese market, Henk discovered Tetris. Tetris would become Bullet-Proof Software’s biggest hit, selling millions.

Henk befriended Tetris author and fellow game designer Alexey Pajitnov and together they formed the business relationship that would become The Tetris Company—one of the most popular computer games ever.

Rogers is presently creating one of the first venture accelerators in Hawaii. Blue Startups helps small teams of budding entrepreneurs incubate into viable businesses, ready for angel and venture capital funding.

Speech Titles / Topics
Thinking Outside the Box - From Computer Games to Saving the Planet

Past Organizations Addressed
Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii Council on Economic Education, East Meets West Conference, Rotary Honolulu, TedX Honolulu, Winners Circle, West Hawaii Mediation Center, University of Hawaii, IP Licensing Conference, Center for Asia Pacific Exchange, Merrill Lynch iEcon 1.0 Entrepreneurship and Economic Forum, among others.