Asian and International Affairs Speakers

John Robitaille
Frank Haas
  • Frank Haas
  • Dean - Kapiolani Community College
  • Biography

Nancy D. Lewis
  • Nancy D. Lewis
  • Director, Research Program, East-West Center
  • Biography

  • William Feltz
  • Coordinator, Arts Program, East-West Center
  • Biography

Tadia Rice
Henk Rogers
  • Henk Rogers
  • CEO, Blue Planet Start Ups
  • Biography

Richie Norton
Robert D. Retherford
  • Robert D. Retherford
  • Senior Fellow and Coordinator, Population and Health Studies
  • Biography

  • Thomas J. Mitrano
  • Principal Consultant
  • Biography

Robert Kinslow
  • Kang Wu
  • Senior Fellow, Research Program, East-West Center
  • Biography

Namji Steinemann
  • Namji Steinemann
  • Director, AsiaPacificEd Program for Schools, East-West Center
  • Biography

  • Peter Apo
  • President, The Peter Apo Company, LLC
  • Biography

  • Richard Baker
  • Special Assistant to the President, East-West Center
  • Biography

Chenoa Farnsworth
  • Chenoa Farnsworth
  • Managing Director; Blue StartUps, Co-Founder, Hawaii Angels
  • Biography

Christopher A. McNally
  • Christopher A. McNally
  • Research Fellow / China Specialist
  • Biography

Governor Linda Lingle
  • Governor Linda Lingle
  • Former Governor of Hawaii, Former Mayor of Maui, Current member of the United States Energy Security Council
  • Biography

Dr. Allen L. Clark
  • Dr. Allen L. Clark
  • Project Manager of the Natural Disaster Policy, Legislation and Management Project/Senior Fellow
  • Biography

  • Eileen Shea
  • Director, NOAA Integrated Data and Environmental Applications Center and Chief, Climate Services Division, National Climatic Data Center
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