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Hawaii Convention Center Culinary Fact Sheet

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Team at Hawaii Convention Center Offers Taste of Something New

The Hawaii Convention Center, under AEG Facilities, provides guests an unmatched culinary experience, with menus and selections that reflect the diversity of Hawaii with cultural flexibility and culinary creativity:

·    The Center is home to one of the state's largest production kitchens, with 20,000 square feet of space

·    The Center's in-house catering team works with planners months in advance to design specialized menus for groups from around the globe

·    Hawaii-sourced foods lend themselves to culinary interpretations to please both domestic and international palates, such as dishes that feature kalua pork or turkey or a continental breakfast punctuated with a slice of dragon fruit.

"It is not an easy task to feed 10,000 people twice a day," said Christine Phelps, deputy executive director of the American Academy of Neurology, which held its annual meeting at the Hawaii Convention Center.

"The food is really very good, and not only that, it is reasonably priced, and you don't see that combination very often. Our number one complaint on our evaluation forms, quite often, is the food. Not here at the Hawaii Convention Center."

Top Talent & Commitment to Hospitality

The goal of the Hawaii Convention Center is to treat all of its guests to the finest convention and meetings experience, in the spirit of hookipa (hospitality). A vital part of this is offering visitors a taste of local flavors and cultures, and showcasing the bounty of ingredients that the islands have to offer.

The culinary team, led by Chef Kevin Nakata, is tasked with enhancing the guest experience for local, mainland and international visitors to the Center:

·    Chef Nakata joined the food and beverage team at the center in 2015, bringing with him over 21 years of culinary experience

·    Prior to that, Chef Nakata previously served in executive chef positions at some of the finest restaurants and establishments on Kauai, Oahu, and Maui

·    That training and exposure set the foundation for Nakata's culinary and management experience

·    Born and raised in Hawaii, Nakata earned an associates degree from Kapiolani Community College