Still & Moving Center

1024 Queen St. Honolulu, HI 96814

Still & Moving Center is a local and global hub for mindful movement. An international training facility, the Center offers corporate wellness and retreat programs for groups, wellness and cultural activities packages for individuals, mind-body movement classes and workshops, as well as personalized coaching and treatment services both onsite, in a beautiful, fully equipped, 6,000 square foot, two-story facility in the heart of Kakaako, downtown Honolulu, as well as offsite in a location of your choice. Focused on wellness arts and cultivating the rich cultural and educational exchanges that occur in retreat settings, the Center provides immersive experiences in various movement forms. Traditional practices are offered, honored and enjoyed authentically through the expertise of our in-house Kumu Hula, Malia Helela. The Center hosts talented master teachers from across the globe as they share their expertise while their students experience the true aloha of Hawaii. Still & Moving Center has a solid and varied roster of movement and wellness practitioners that can meet every need and inspire healthy sustainable practices for all levels. Our other offerings include massage, a boutique, gorgeous rental rooms and performance space, as well as the services of entertainment, therapists, lecturers and teachers for parties or corporate events.