Rock and Roll Team Building

333 Grant Ave. #504 San Francisco, CA 94108

Take your audience on a journey with Rock and Roll Team Building and the ‘Spirit of Aloha’! Through the universal language of music, a real rock star and a talented group of Hawaiian musicians, Rock and Roll Team Building create the content and atmosphere to give your audience a unique insight into the beautiful music and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. With stirring harmonies, enchanting sounds of Ukulele, rhythms from the traditional ‘Pahu’ drum and the elegance of the Hula, we combine ancient stories and music to take you to the heart of Hawaii. Rock and Roll Team Building make audiences connect. From small to large groups we challenge people to break-out of their comfort zone, discover inner talents and unlock creative ambitions they never knew they had. Through the magnificent craft of songwriting we shine the spotlight on the purpose of your event and help you convey important messaging. Founded by Grammy nominated songwriter and former INXS lead singer, Ciaran Gribbin, Rock and Roll Team Building takes great pride in bringing world class quality music performance from concert stages around the world into a corporate event environment. ‘Rock with the Spirit of Aloha’ is a perfect solution to kick-off or close a conference, lift up a small meeting or knock the socks of a crowd at any type of evening celebration. We also sit perfectly on an incentive travel reward program’s turn-table to spin what could be an otherwise dull activity into a memorable moment. If your ambition is to bring a level of edge to your content then you’ve just uncovered a partner who will create a super cool, dynamic, interactive and unbelievably fun ‘Hawaiian’ experience guaranteed not to disappoint!