Hand washing

While in Hawaiʻi

  • While there are no state or county restrictions for COVID-19 in Hawaiʻi, we ask that you do your part in keeping the island community safe by following health and prevention practices, as well as respecting any COVID-related protocol set forth by Hawai‘i businesses or organizations. For example, some may still require or encourage the use of face masks to protect those who might be more vulnerable.

Being a Pono (Responsible) Traveler While In Hawaiʻi

As tourism recovers, we encourage travelers to be open-minded, respectful and mindful. Just as we have a responsibility to care for our people and place, we ask that visitors take pride in this effort as well. Here are a few ways visitors can travel with aloha:

  • Learn about our history and culture.

  • Maintain safe distance from endangered species - at least 10 feet. Please do not touch or feed marine animals.

  • Avoid single-use plastic and use reef-safe sunscreen.

  • Stay on hiking trails and respect private property.

  • Support local.

  • Make a positive impact and give back. Find a list of unique and enriching volunteer experiences here.

  • Last, but not least, slow down, smile and share aloha.