Hand washing

Once in Hawaii

We are encouraging travelers to share aloha with the people of Hawaii and fellow travelers by following the simple and sensible tips below:

Being a Pono (Responsible) Traveler While In Hawaii

  • Masks are mandatory in Hawaii and must be worn in public while indoors or in large groups outdoors. Your mask or facial covering must cover your nose and mouth.

  • Please practice social distancing, which is staying six feet away from others.

  • Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds each time.

  • Be responsible and aware of what to do if you get sick. If you become ill with a fever or cough while in Hawaii, recently departed an area with widespread transmission of COVID-19, and/or have had close contact with a person  with confirmed COVID-19, we recommend you: 1) remain at home or your lodging and avoid contact with others; 2) call a health care provider or ER before seeking medical care; 3) call 911 if you need immediate medical care.

  • Follow travel and safety tips for Hawaii visitors.