Mask wearing

Guidelines & Protocols - By Island

While maintaining a physical distance of six feet and wearing a mask in public are required statewide, each county dictates its own guidelines and protocols regarding social gathering limits and meeting capacity. A social gathering is defined as a planned or spontaneous event, assembly, or meeting that brings together multiple people from separate households in a single space or area, indoors or outdoors, at the same time and in a coordinated fashion.

Current gathering size regulations are listed below along with links to individual county proclamations.

Social Gathering Limit: 5 people (indoor and outdoor)

Maui Nui (Maui, Molokai, Lanai)
Social Gathering Limit: 5 people (indoor and outdoor)

Island of Hawaii
Social Gathering Limit: 10 people (indoor and outdoor)

Social Gathering Limit: 10 people (indoor) / 25 people (outdoor)

*last updated Jan. 19, 2021

Health & Safety Protocols - Industry Partners

We understand that enhanced health and safety protocols are now a critical part of the decision making process for meeting planners. Outlining what meeting attendees can expect along their journey from arrival to departure, please see the following links for the most current COVID-19 health and safety protocols from our industry partners: