HCC - Water Statue

ADA Accessibility

The Hawaii Convention Center features the highest quality ADA Accessibility technologies for your event attendees. Use the links below to jump further down the page for specific information.


Accessibility Maps

Digital display boards on all floors offer maps showing accessibility aids. Printed brochures with this information are available at the Visitor’s Information Center located in the Lobby.

Assistive Listening Systems

The Hawaii Convention Center is equipped with assistive listening systems, available through the audio-visual office by calling (808) 943-3041 or dialing 3041 from any house phone for reservations.

Automatic Doors

The front entrance on Atkinson Drive offers automatic doors.


All floors of the Hawaii Convention Center are accessible by elevator.

Fire Alarms

Emergency warning systems are equipped with both audible and visual strobe alarms.

Parking & Loading

The HCC offers accessible parking for vans and standard vehicles with optional arrangements for vehicles that cannot be accommodated in standard parking (8’11” clearance). The porte cochère offers two accessible unloading and loading zones. Call (808) 943-3000 for more information.


To accommodate wheelchair drop-offs, sloped-ramp entrances are located at the main entrance on Atkinson Drive.


Restrooms are equipped with accessible sinks, hand sanitizer, towel dispensers, urinals and toilet stalls. All restroom facilities are completely hands-free accessible, including entrances. A private accessible restroom is located in the lobby.

Theatre Seating & Lifts

Wheelchair accommodations are available in both the Lili`u (Room 310) and Emalani (Room 320) Theaters. Permanent wheelchair lifts to the upper level are located in our Lili’u (Room 310) and Emalani (Room 320) theaters. Stages and risers can also be made accessible with a portable platform lift or ramp.

Water Fountains

All water fountain stations in the Center include a wheelchair-accessible water dispenser as well as drinking cups for all guests.

Wheelchairs for Loan

The Hawai‘i Convention Center maintains several wheelchairs for emergency use, coordinated through the Events Office, which can also provide a list of companies that deliver rental wheelchairs to the Center.